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Hungry Shark Evolution
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Hungry Shark Evolution Game

Hungry Shark Evolution – another interesting action game for mobile devices

Hungry Shark Evolution is the fifth part of a very popular mobile series designed by the British studio Future Games of London. The previous parts were available only for mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems. Thanks to the Ubisoft company, this title is also available for users of devices with Windows Phone systems and owners of tablets and computers with Windows 8.1. 


In this game, we play the role of a very hungry shark and we need to explore the ocean to find food. The game aims to complete missions that can be found hidden in shells scattered at the bottom of the ocean. These missions are different and they can require from the shark to jump very high or to eat the specific amount of tropical fish. One of the most important difficulties is the fact that the energy bar is becoming smaller and smaller, so the shark has to eat to maintain its high level because when the energy bar reaches zero, the shark dies. Of course, the shark can eat sea animals, birds flying over the water, divers or beachgoers. Sometimes our shark can face jellyfish, sea urchins, giant crabs or submarines that have to be avoided. 


Several dozen missions are divided into the six main chapters. Players receive coins and experience points for completing a mission. Thanks to these currencies, it is possible to improve shark skills like speed, acceleration or eating speed. After reaching the highest level of a shark, it is possible to unlock many other types of sharks like mako, tiger shark or giant shark. Each of them offers a different level of resistance to attacks or high pressure so they can go down deeper into the ocean. It is a free-to-play title, but it also features a special store that allows for buying bonuses and unlocking different elements of the game for real money.


Many people are very happy about high-quality graphics in the game.